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 Pranešimo tema: UGUNSPuTNI - Rigas Crematorium 2007.04.20
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balandžio 20 d. Latvijoje - festivalis UGUNSPUTNI

Andris Dzenitis
Ieva Parša ir kiti...

visa info:

On 28th of April, in memorial environment – on the territory of Rīga’s Crematorium – Ugunsputni (Firebirds) will take place, a festival of art and music, unique in Baltic states.

The festival will be taken part by several experienced fire sculptors, renowned both in Latvia and abroad. There will be performances by known Latvian and foreign musicians, VJs, a candle workshop for all interested parties, and at the zenith of it all – setting the fire sculptures aflame. Throughout the evening, several DJs will ensure an according mood and fiery dances.

The organizers of the festival state it as an alternative entertaining event with a philosophical dimension of eternity. Each winter, the Latvian audience has the option of watching ice sculptures melt over the course of several days. Fire sculptures disappear and vanish so much faster – it is a moment of aesthetic saturation, a unique merge of creation and simultaneous destruction of the artwork.

From the Latvian music scene, expect a program specially crafted for the event by the legendary Claustrum and experimental electronics by Woodpecker Project with Ieva Parša. From Russia - project Reutoff, dealing in ambient sound reflecting the postsocial view on consequences of mankind’s industrialization and globalization, reevaluation of morality and guiding motives of behaviour. Reutoff has published several albums with western labels, gaining public renown and critical acclaim.

Fire sculptures will be crafted by sculptors known in Latvia and tested on the foreign grounds: Aigars Dzilna, Ģirts Burvis, Kārlis Īle and others. A. Dzilna is often considered to be the most experienced fire sculptor in Latvia among them. He is also a participant of Action Society, creative assembly of Latvian professional artists, crafting fire sculptures for Rīga celebrations in 2006, at Zaķusala. Ģ. Burvis has been working on large scale sculptures, including those of fire, for more than 20 years both in Latvia and abroad. K. Īle is an innovative sculptor, participating in various art symposiums for several years now, crafting non-traditional sculptures. He also has sculpted fire at Pedvāle and has achieved acclaim for exquisite performance in Ice Sculpture Festival at Jelgava.

Known DJs will take care of the overall musical tapestry. Candle workshop and other activities will be present. The event is supported by: Burn, Mi6, Radio NABA and other friends.

The beginning of Ugunsputni is set to be at 20.00, at Rīga’s Crematorium, Sarkandaugava, Varoņu street 3. Entry fee – Ls 6 at Biļešu Paradīze, more at the entrance of the event itself.

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Naujos temos kūrimas Atsakyti į temą  [ 1 pranešimas ] 

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