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 Pranešimo tema: [16-01 Rigoje] Fetish performator Abend
StandartinėParašytas: 2010-01-11, 10:47 

Prisijungė: 2005
Pranešimai: 84
Saturday, 16-JAN-2o1o fetish performator abend @ subkultuur haus "Elektra"
http://www.sturmmandat.com/index.php?op ... 9&Itemid=1

FORT SPENCER /ebm-perform/
VDREY & SCHULTZ [f] /industrial daub/
+BondagE/BDSM acts

dj: KundzE, PacientS, MuratroM, BerserG
vj: YogzatoT TeaM

kino: pvc, rubber, leather, latex

start 20:02
stop 05:50

3 Ls fetish dreskood: 0 Ls

SCHULTZ was a projected created in 2002.

Following the release of a music demo and the composition of remix for different artists such as Kom-Intern, Thafs, Blackulla or Wäks, the project really took-off in 2006, when Schultz joined VDREY. (www.vdrey.canalblog.com), a talented painter and on-stage performer, who was herself looking for a musician to perform with.

Since then, they have been performing on stage together, Schultz playing his harsh-industrial music Live (mostly influenced by M-Tronic, Hands, Parametric, Ant-zen, Hymen recordings) and VDREY painting erotic and fetish oriented shapes.

He released his first demo disk in 2004 called 26.05.02. In 2007 he release his first album called “BioMeKaniKal” on the Swiss label “Urgence Disk Records”. The second album called “PSYKIATRIK AREA” was released in September 2008 on the US label “Soviet Media Kontrol”

Subkultuur haus "Elektra" is located in leather production ex-fabrika A/S Elektra on Adminu str. 4, Riga, Latvia. Entrance thru main gate, 13m straight forward to the central building of the territory, go into the green door labeled “Sturm", ring the bell if closed, up the stairway, 3rd floor.

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