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 Pranešimo tema: Kunigunda 2008 - in english
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Miestas: Vilnius
“Kunigunda Lunaria” festival will be headlined by TIAMAT

The biggest darkwave/ gothic/ alternative music festival in Baltic States “Kunigunda Lunaria” for the 7th time is organized in the capital of Lithuania Vilnius, and this year it will become the biggest event in festival’s history with Swedish cult band TIAMAT headlining the fest.

The festival will be held during the three days from May 2nd to May 4th, and this year the organizers are glad to present the most diverse programme both stylistically, and geographically. Goth rock, trip-hop, neo-cabaret, minimal electronics, neo-folk, industrial, ambient, and gothic metal will be presented during the festival. And it is truly outstanding international event, with the bands coming from Sweden, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Latvia and Lithuania.

The most awaited performers at this year’s festival will be the cult Swedish band TIAMAT playing their gig on My 3rd. TIAMAT hasn’t been touring much during last years, and so it will be a good opportunity to see the band returning to the scene. Another important reason – just a few days before the performance in Vilnius the new album by TIAMAT “Amanethes” will be released, so the audience at “Kunigunda Lunaria” will have the opportunity to be the first to taste the new songs of the band on stage!

“Kunigunda Lunaria” will also see other important artists from different styles performing – famous neo-folk band NAEVUS from the UK, which album “Silent Life” was named one of the best in that style last year. The fans of minimal electronics, who liked last year’s performance of Roger Rotor, will be pleased with another legendary Swiss artist MIMETIC, who will present special audio-visual hypnosis. The festival will also bring a dose of exotica – darkwave band GOTHIKA from Japan and Australian ethereal band DANDELION WINE, both performing at the festival on their way to “Gothic Wave Treffen”. Glamour elegance of Latvian LAKISSOVA, decadent neo-cabaret from Lithuanian VILKDUJA, doom/ gothic metal of DEGRADATONIA will also find their fans for sure, and this list is still incomplete – the final artists line-up will be named at the end of March at festival’s website http://www.kunigunda.lt.

As always, “Kunigunda Lunaria” is much more than only music. During these three days the old gothic town of Vilnius will be filled with various alternative arts at different locations. From cinema to special dark theatre performance, from exhibitions and excursions to absinth parties and DJ’s sets until dawn - “Kunigunda Lunaria” will become the unforgettable experience. So, come and join us for three wild days in blooming Springtime in old Vilnius!


2008 May 2nd, club “L’amour”
MIMETIC (Switzerland)
VILKDUJA (Lithuania)
Vihr (Lithuania)
more tba.

2008 May 3rd, club “Mulen ruzas”
TIAMAT (Sweden)
more tba.

2008 May 4th, club “L’amour”
Jupiter Makes Me Scream (Lithuania).


The three days ticket – 100 Lt (30 Eur), (from April 1st – 35 Eur, from May 1st – 38 Eur)
The ticket for May 2nd concert – 40 Lt (12 Eur) (14 Eur, 16 Eur)
The ticket for May 3rd concert – 75 Lt (22 Eur) (24 Eur, 26 Eur)
The ticket for May 4th concert – 20 Lt (6 Eur) (8 Eur, 10 Eur).

The tickets available from March 7th at www.tiketa.lt. You can buy an internet e-ticket there and print it at home.
For reservations and more information, please, contact at neofolk@hotmail.com. All information about the festival at www.kunigunda.lt.

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