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[Yucatane/ 05-05] Venin Carmin - dark pop [Fr]
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Autorius:  AHC [ 2016-05-01, 16:50 ]
Pranešimo tema:  [Yucatane/ 05-05] Venin Carmin - dark pop [Fr]

https://www.facebook.com/Yucatan-Extens ... 499214776/

Venin Carmin composes all of her own material and performs all of the instruments on her tracks.
Her lyrics are about relationships, boredom, sex and violence. She sings them with naivety yet this naive style can sharply transform into an energetic and almost caustic performance.
Venin Carmin has clear references in eighties New Wave and Post-punk but manages to convey this with a modern twist, this lady has no fear about breaking conventions.

She has prepared a special solo gig for the concert she'll offer in Lithuania. See you in Vilnius May 5th at Yucatan venue.

More infos at:

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