great links

Dangus events
Menuo Juodaragis [yearly summer festival of neofolk, darkwave and pagan arts]
Kunigunda Lunaria [yearly gothic/darkwave/industrial festival in old Vilnius]
Naujas Kraujas [yearly new bands' festival in Lithuania]
The Legendary Pink Dots in Lt [special event website]

Dangus related
Wejdas [the supreme amber tribal ambient project, Lithuania]
oxpd.society [alternative fashion : clothes : parfumes : jewelery : etc]
Twin Peaks Party Lietuva [mystical party dedicated to D.Lynch]

Festivals and events
Prutena [neofolk festival in Prussia]
Death Comes...10 2003 [the final edition of legendary metal music fest in Lt]
Kilkim Zaibu [folk/pagan metal festival in Joniskis, Lithuania]
Metro [techno drum'n'bass party by dj Astralas, Lithuania]
Suklegos [modern folklore music festival in Kaunas, Lithuania]
Centras4 [multimedia art and music festival, Lithuania]
Garso zona [art of sound, concerts, Lithuania]
Didelis pasaulis [avantgarde music festival : dead site]
Hard Rock Laager [yearly metal open air in Estonia]

Castle Party Bolkow [the biggest dark independent festival in central Europe, Poland]
Wroclaw Industrial Festival [nice every year event, Poland]

Wave Gotik Treffen [festival no.1, Germany]

General Baltic sites [Lithuanian gothic pages] [legendary alternative label in Lithuania] [experimental music webzine, label, other activities]
Ledo Takas [black metal music label, Lithuania]
MountainRock [rock music festival and events, Lithuania]
Ferrum [portal for metal music, Lithuania] [underground art organisation and webzine, Šiauliai, Lt]
PainGates [young Lt site for gothic and alternative youth]
Kreiva muzika [Lithuanian alternative/experimental scene : dead site]
CatsCave [dead gothic site, Lithuania] [most popular progressive culture portal in Lithuania] [rock music foundation in Kaunas, Lithuania]
Kompiuterines muzikos klubas [club of e-music makers, Lithuania]
Techstylism [electronic underground, Lithuania] [progressive electronic resources, Lithuania]

Beats from the Vault
[Estonian dark music parties]
[metal music portal, Estonia]
Estonian Metal [Estonian extreme music portal]
Schwerindustrie [Estonian electro/industrial/noise source]

Sturm [Latvian industrial community]
Beverina Productions
[dark music label & distribution, Latvia] [metal music portal in Latvia]
Semema [Latvian industrial society]
Depo [underground club in Riga, Latvia]

Baltic Bands & Projects
Anapilis [gothic wave lunar disco punk, Lithuania]
Antigone [hexen darkwave, Lithuania]
Atalyja [folkrock, Lithuania]
Auli [innovative tribal folk, Latvia]
Aurys / NeRomeo [sielininkas, Lithuania]
[original metal music, Estonia]
Diktatura [patriotic metal, Lithuania]
Dis Pater [gothic doom band from Koenigsberg]
Donis [neofolk/ambient artist from Lithuania]
Driezhas [electronic experimental artist, Lithuania]
Eirime  [ethnic ethereal, Lithuania : old site]
Endiche vis.sat [avantgarde, Lithuania]
F.O.D. [hip-hop metal band's fan site, Lithuania]
Forgotten Sunrise [trip-metal deathbeat, Estonia]
Gintas K [experimental noise/industrial aus Litauen]
Girnu Giesmes [hypno ambient industrial, Lithuania]
Girnu Giesmes [old site]
Grol [grind core band, Lithuania]
Heaven Grey  [doom metal, Latvia]
Ilgi [most known Latvian post-folk group]
IR [smashing Lithuanian-Latvian alternative rock outfit]
Ir visa tai kas yra gražu yra gražu [grazu, avantgarde rock, Lithuania]
J.Milasius [experimental music artist, the best guitarist in Lithuania]
[black pagan metal, RIP, Estonia]
Katedra [the cult heavy metal band of Lithuania]
Kūlgrinda [ritual folk group, Lithuania]
Laiksne [Latvian singing folklore]
Lauxna Lauksna [baltic industrial from Vilnius]
LinFeng [nu metal from Kaunas, Lithuania]
Loits [pagan metal, Estonia]
Luctus [Lithuania related black metal band in Italy]
Manatark [thunderous epic pagan/black metal, Estonia]
Mandragora [melodic death metal, Lithuania]
Mano Juodoji Sesuo [gothic synthpop, Lithuania]
McKaras [hard electronic artist, Lithuania]
 [black heavy metal, Samogitia]
  [pagan heavy metal, Estonia]
  [electronic/industrial, Lithuania : oldead site]
Mountainside [hardrock, Lithuania]
Nahash [black metal, Lithuania]
Neglected Fields [brilliant death metal from Latvia]
Obtest [pagan metal, Lithuania]
Ossastorium [death metal, Lithuania]
Outshine [melodic and agressive rocking metal : dead band]
Pedigree [modern industrial electronic/metal, Estonia]
Plastic Whore [industrial metal, Estonia]
Polly [melodic nu metal, Lithuania]
Postmortem  [death metal, Estonia]
Romowe Rikoito [neoclassical neofolk, Prussia]
Rosewater [harsh electro industrial band, Latvia]
Ruination [atmospheric melodic metal, Lithuania]
Saprophytes [gothic death rock band, official site, Lithuania]
Saprophytes fansite [fan site of Lithuanian death rock band]
SBS [heavy/glam oldtimers, Lithuania]
Siela  [legendary gothic band, Lithuania]
Shadowdances [atmospheric shadow metal, Lithuania]
Skylė [art rock band, Lithuania]
SkyForger [pagan folk metal - the best Latvian band!]
Svaixt [meditative music project, Lithuania]
Tema [original progressive metal/punk/art band, Lithuania]
Tharaphita [great and original folk/black/heavy, Estonia]
Thundertale [heavy metal band, Lithuania]
Trolis & The Giberlingers [electronic artist, Lithuania]
Tvangeste [majestic black metal from Prussia]
Yonnica [acid rock, Lithuania]
Xess  [cyber goth metal, Lithuania]
Zalvarinis [folk metal/rock, Lithuania]

Other great artists Dangus is pally with
L'ahka Muza [darkwave ritual gothic band, Slovakia]
Allerseelen [cult neofolk industrial artists from Austria]
Cawatana [original neofolk group in Hungary]
Osimira [great folk music group, Belarus]
Kurroshio Current [smart dark ebm act from Finland]
Deadbabes [swingers in dark pop style in Finland]
Job Karma [a talented industrial audio/visual group, Poland]
Napalmed [Czech industrial/noise group : distribution : label]
[one of the greatest band in Europe]
Mortiis [nominous industrial artist from Norway]
DJ De'Ath [cult gothic figure from Leeds, UK]

Friends and other tough guys
Šiuolaikinio meno informacijos centras [information center of contemporary art in Kaunas, Lithuania] [smagūs alaus puslapiai]
Vorai MC [right bikers club, Lithuania] [photo arts by Tvaris Production]

Fluttering Dragon [noble dark music label from Poland]
Wrotycz Records [industrial label from Poland]
Old Europa Cafe [cult dark music label in Italy]
Neosfera [music distributor and promoter in Czech]
Ostroga [creative Union in Urals, Russia]

Press and info resources
Apostazja [ambient, industrial, neofolk magazine in Poland] 
Edge Of Time  [progressive atmospheric metal and other heavy forms of music, Lithuania]
Ukrainian Gothic Portal [dark scene resources in Ukraina and Russia]
Shadowplay [gothic/industrial webzine and label in central Russia]
Darkpage [gothic/industrial webzine in Russia]
Seidr [dark neofolk webzine, Russia] [electronic music and non-music website, Latvia] [alternative music information, Lithuania]
Balsas [new media culture, Lithuania]
MetalMessage [metal online magazine aus Deutschland] [solid dark music portal in Hungary]

Great projects
Anubi / Martynas Meškauskas [a tribute to the dark Lithuanian artist]
Eastern Folk
[website dedicated to Lt, By and Ua folklore groups, festivals, etc]
Kauno Miesto Meras [specialus muzikinis H8 ir DNS projektas pasibovyti]
David Lynch Lt site [režisieriui D.Lynch skirtas www lietuviškai]
Ghost Town [take your ride to Chernobyl zone...] [realise what Baltic ornaments can! the Art of Knowledge : superb project from Lv]

Baltic culture
Romuva [the official Baltic Heathen movement : home of Kulgrinda]
Prūsa [history, culture and language of mighty Prussia]
Aruodai [lietuvių kultūros šaltinių sąvadas, muzika, etc] [Lt ethnoculture, crafts, arts, ecology]
M.K.Ciurlionis [the greatest Lithuanian painter, terrific art] [Lithuanian folk music pages] [Latvian folklore pages]
Mazoji Lietuva [history and news of Lithuania Minor]
Voruta [Lietuvos istorijos laikraštis]
Gega Ruch : Kriviu Druvingiu Draugija [Baltic heritage, Gudija]